Friday, November 20, 2009

Conflict Between Jerry Yan and Vic Chou Complicates F4 Reunion Efforts

Source: CpopAccess
While members of legendary Taiwanese boy band F4 (JVKV) have been pursuing solo activities for several years, appeals for the group to reunite still remain prevalent. With news of Jiangsu Satellite TV inviting F4 to perform for their New Year’s Eve Concert spreading like wildfire, discussions are heating up once again.

In addition to the New Year’s Eve festivities, there have been rumors of the group reuniting for next year’s Spring Festival evening festivities. As of now, some members of the group have responded to such an invitation, but some have yet to reply back. Furthermore, since the schedule of the invitation has yet been set, chances appear slim of it occurring. There are currently problems with F4 getting back together to perform, as it appears that such a reunion trip may rest on Jerry Yan’s schedule at the moment. However, informed sources have recently conveyed hidden reasons in the difficulties in an F4 reunion.

It has been reported that an F4 reunion is the one trump card for the New Year’s Eve event, and the newest developments regarding the invitation for F4 to participate has remained tightlipped with the organizers, whom have stated that “they are still striving for it, but it is still difficult to determine F4’s schedule.” Yet, informed sources have reported that the statement provided by the organizers served only as pretext to the real reason, which is that Jerry Yan and Vic Chou no longer wish to perform on the same stage.

Contrary to what has been observed at the various events attended by F4 in recent years, the state of the group has often been one where not all members have been fully committed in participating, including news of Jerry Yan and Vic Chou’s slim changes of sharing the same stage.

Despite the fact that the four members of F4 have often demonstrated public displays of solidarity, the vast differences between what is publicly displayed and what actually occurs between the members are often heard in the news. One case involved Jerry Yan’s unwillingness to compromise on the release of CDs and DVDs from their 2006 concert in Hong Kong, which led to the loss of tens of millions of Taiwanese dollars in royalties. In another case when F4 was invited to go to Japan, the group arrived to the airport in separate cars, and then deliberately went into the same car afterwards.

While an F4 reunion is wished upon by many viewers, such a possibility has been complicated with the four members belonging to different management. It took three years to organize the four members’ schedules to sync for their 2008 concert in Japan, so while organizers are working hard to get F4 to participate in the New Year’s Eve festivities in good faith, time constraints may diminish the success of such participation.

When a reporter contacted a representative of the group organization, the representative did not deny a statement in regards Jerry Yan and Vic Chou making it difficult for F4 to reunite. He only expressed that while the organization has not received a clear response from F4, both sides are actively working hard at it, and are still seeking ways to further communications.


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