Monday, November 23, 2009

DaS lowest times : no will to eat

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People say, life is like a roller coaster, Xu Xi Yuan (DaS) the actress who just brightly succeeded in a movie which box-office made more than 100 Millions Yuan, is standing on the top of her career and recollecting her past, she once experienced her career's and life's lowest points, her frail heart, went through its darkest, in the end she got anorexia, everyday not feeling hunger at all... But her love life was totally the opposite, she loved passionately, not minding what others might say, even when she broke up, she still looked at it positively, she is one who can take it up and put it down !

Starting to get noticed since "Connected", DaS slowly expanded to the big screen, accepting one movie after the other, and even succeeded with her first comedy "Forbidden City Cop" to become a 100 Million box-office female star. With the help of luck, her road into the big screen world was really smooth, DaS stated that she was also very surprised herself, from the success of "Forbidden City Cop", there really were a lot of scripts asking for her, and her acting opportunities dramatically increased.

Acting as a role with a personality opposed to hers
But, holding onto the moto "You'll never know if you don't try", DaS likes to challenge herself with personalities opposite to her, chosing roles that would surprise the audience, like her participation in Jonh Woo's new movie, being her first experience as a vilain. She's acting as a cold-blooded and heartless woman and will have many fight and kill scenes even action scene with international star Michelle Yeoh, making DaS at the same time anxious and expectant. 

To be able to cope with all those action scenes, DaS had been training a lot lately at home, reinforcing her legs and arms muscles, and learning swords skills with a master. She, who is very experienced in yoga, said about herself that she was very flexible, even joked : " With my sister, we often take the horse pose and chat while lifting our legs up; so I knew about it already, and had less kung fu to learn. I will give it my all learning everything I need to know, and doing everything the best possible, when the time comes, we will only use a stunt if the action scenes are really bad, but the director can also cut them off, no need to fight la ! "

DaS frankly expressed that she is at the summit of her carreer, so for the time being, she'll focus on developping in the Big Screen, leaving hosting and other things on hold.

Troubles because she strongly wanted to express herself
On the outside, DaS seem multi talented, singing, movies, TV dramas, hosting, endorsement, even being an author, : she touches at everything, but behind all that success, DaS had once been through her career and life lowest pits. She stated that it all came from a too strong sense of justice, everytime she used to encounter an injustice, she'll voice it up and seeing all the bystanders around her doing nothing made her feel the world was different from what she imagined, that's why she had once wanted to be a policewoman, it was really overreacted.

DaS said that everytime she was unhappy, her brain would come like to a dead end, often forgetting to eat, even to sleep, her sister used to force her to close her eyes. She says " I used to forget that there was something called "eating" in life, at that time, we couldn't do music, and even though we had some shows to host, but it was a really low pit, I was not used yet to handle the turns that life would take, it had nothing to do with things being smooth or not, it was as if a devil appeared in my heart, making me see everything the bad way, forgetting how it used to be. (Did you have anorexia ? ) Yes, I lost 12Kg in one go, never feeling hungry" Luckily, with the help of her family and friends, DaS could slowly go back to normal.

No fate knowing people outside the entertainment industry
About love, DaS past lover were all from the enteertainment industry, about that fact, she came to the conclusion that the people she knows is a very restricted circle, apart from her work and her family, she has no way to meet people out of those two areas She joked " People often ask me if I like to date co workers ? I think me not having a broad circle of friends is also a matter destiny, and people tell me to go out more often to meet new people out of the show business, but I won't change myself for something like that."

DaS revealed that in the past, going out with co-workers didn't put any pressure on her, it became a habit for her to be discussed about, tagged and photographed, she who puts love above everything else thinks that when you are in love, there's no need to hide it, but after cooling down, recollecting what happened in the past, she feels that it's really freaky, thinking that she had lots of guts ! DaS says " Was too transparent, I thought over it, in the future, if an opportunity coomes up, I may be more low keyed, because letting people staring at you, looking at your every gestures, is something that make people uneasy. I'm a very peaceful person, so when arriving to a state when you can't continue to go out together, no need to end it hurtfully. We all work in the same sphere, we might meet again, so having a friendly attittude will make everyone happier"

Deep sisterly love : love to say nonsense the most
Since debuting as singers to hosting entertainment news, DaS and her sister Dee Xu Xi Di (Xia S) had been linked together like siamese twins. Thinking back about the little things that happened when they hosted together, DaS can't help but shake her head saying : "I used to be very wild, daring to say anything, not afraid to get scolded at. When we were walking on the streets, there used to be people behind always scolding us. We loved to say nonsense, really stupid things, we were used to that style, then the audience slowly accepted us, thinking we were hilarious ! "

Once, 8 years ago, XiaoS was on the show crying her eyes out, asking the audience to help her look for her sister, DaS laughs and says " At that time we were broadcaasting Live everyday, so whatever was happening, we had to go on and host. That day, I don't really remember but maybe I got into a fight with my sister, when I was outside, everyone seeing me told me "Your sis is looking for you !" making the whole thing such a big deal ! "


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