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Cruel Temptation Sypnosis (Complete)

Cruel Temptation

The plot of this drama revolves around Gu Eun Jae's life and revenge on her cheating husband and once best friend. Eun Jae, having graduated as a fashion design major at a university, begins preparations to go to France to further her studies and hone her skills. However, her dreams to study in France are soon disrupted when she gets pregnant with Jung Gyo Bin's child. As a result, she decides to give up on her opportunity to study in France and marry him. Unfortunately for Eun Jae, her pregnancy is short-lived, ending in a tragic miscarriage. It will take a long time time until Eun Jae becomes pregnant again in the show, but that too ends in a miscarriage.

During the time when Eun Jae finds out about her 2nd pregnancy, her best friend since high school, Ae Ri returns from France. Ae Ri was an orphan who stayed with Eun Jae's family. She was also the ex-girlfriend of Eun Jae’s brother Kang Jae. Bedore Ae Ri left for France 5 years ago, she mentioned that someone was helping her take care of her tuition fees: it turned out that Eun Jae’s husband, Gyo Bin, was the one helping her with the finances.

Not long after Ae ri's return, Eun Jae finds out that her husband had been cheating with Ae Ri 5 years ago. To make matters worse, Ae Ri even had Gyo Bin’s child, Nino. Initially, Eun Jae’s brother assumes that the child, Nino, is his. However, when he finds out that the child's real father is Gyo Bin, he beats Gyo Bin up badly. This causes Gyo Bin and his mother to force Eun Jae to sign for a divorce. Eun Jae refuses to sign the papers, thinking that her unborn child will be able to salvage the marriage. Her mother-in-law, upset that Eun Jae would not sign the divorce papers and already favoring Ae Ri, makes life miserable for Eun Jae.

Feeling threatened that Gyo Bin is wavering because of his unborn child in Eun Jae, Ae Ri convinces him to get Eun Jae to get an abortion. The 3 of them have this discussion by the sea. Gyo bin attempts to drown Eun Jae by dragging her out to sea, threatening her that he will kill her if she does not agree to the abortion and divorce. Gyo Bin throws her necklace, given by her father-in-law as a promise not to give up on Gyo Bin into the sea. In an attempt to retrieve the necklace, Gyo Bin abandons Eun Jae at sea, leaving her to drown and eventually die.

Believing that Eun Jae drowned, Ae Ri and Gyo Bin decide to keep this matter a secret, lying that Eun Jae had committed suicide. After the divorce is finalized, Gyo Bin and Ae Ri get married, while Eun Jae survives and moves to an island to get away from it all.

Eun Jae survived and was washed ashore on to an island which Gun Woo, the adoptive son of Lady Min happened to be near the island searching for his missing sister. He finds Eun Jae unconscious and takes her to the doctor. When she gains consciousness, she finds out she had another miscarriage and is very upset.

Having heard about Eun Jae's plight, Lady Min brings Eun Jae into her home as her experience was similar. Soon, in order to seek revenge, Eun Jae takes the identity of Lady Min's presumably dead daughter, So Hee. As the story progresses, and Eun Jae intent on her revenge, she and Gun woo and Eun jae eventually fall in love.

Putting her plan in to action, Eun Jae seduces Gyo Bin and is successful. As "So Hee" and Gyo-bin "fall in love", Ae Ri gets suspicious of "So Hee". To confirm her suspicions that "So Hee" is indeed Eun Jae, she tests "Soo Hee". Ae Ri is positively sure that this "So Hee" is indeed the supposedly downed Eun Jae. But Eun Jae feigns innocence and insists that Ae Ri is crazy. Not wanting to lose Gyo Bin to another woman, Ae Ri keeps going to Lady Min's house and makes a scene.

Gyo Bin disgusted by Ae Ri's behavior and eager to marry "So Hee". So he divorces Ae Ri and marries "So Hee". After the divorce has been finalized, Gyo-bin kicks Ae ri out of his house, but keeps Nino. Nino upset that his mother left on account of "Soo Hee" is rude to her, the situation is made worse with Ae Ri telling Nino that "So Hee" is bad. But Ae Ri still does not give up, instead she gets even more suspicous when she sees "So Hee" and Gun woo embrace, she calls to tell Gyo Bin.

When confronted, "So Hee" kisses Gyo bin, ensuring him that Gun woo and her are just close siblings. Gyo-bin wants to consummate the marriage with "So Hee", but she avoids it by buying twin beds instead of one big bed, settling the problem. Meanwhile, Ae Ri begs Gyo-bin and his family to give her custody of her son.

In the end, Ae Ri gets Nino, but Nino gets injured. Ae Ri pities for her son, as she was poor and could not to afford to get him anything he wanted.

The real So Hee comes back, and suffers from serious depression. She gets mad at Eun Jae because Gun woo fell in love with her. She gets even more angry when she finds out that they are planning to get married. So Hee crashes the wedding.

One day, when Eun Jae went to work and while everyone was praising her make-up artist skills, the real So Hee, shows up and tells all the workers that she is the real daughter of Lady Min, proclaiming herself the owner of Min Beauty Shop. Ae Ri witnesses this and asks So Hee to cooperate with her to ruin Eun Jae's life. However, their partnership soon this partnership ends.

Lady Min had a history with Gyo Bin's father, Jung Ha Jo. They even had a child together (they were not married at the time), named Byul (meaning Star.) Ha Jo supposedly killed Star and Lady Min's father, and stole a land deed that made him rich to this day. In a turn of events, Lady Min has the upper hand and is able to get revenge by demanding that Ha Jo give up all his assets (including Chunji Constructions) and selling his house.

Feeling guilty and not wanting Lady Min to find out that their daughter is still alive, Ha Jo does as Lady Min requests. As a result, Eun Jae's family stays in the house Ha Jo and family used to stay. So Hee persuades her mother to get Gun Woo to marry her. So Hee is Lady Min's real daughter and Gun Woo was adopted. Feeling bad for her daughter, Lady Min tells Gun Woo that he had two choices: marry So Hee and Eun Jae's alliance will be better than ever, or marry Eun Jae and Lady Min will never talk to Gun Woo or Eun Jae again.

In order to make Eun Jae's life better, Gun Woo marries So Hee thinking that her depression would get better, and that she would treat Eun Jae better. Instead, So Hee does the complete opposite. One day, Gun Woo went to work to sign a contract with Harrison. Ae ri wants to be back with Gyo bin, so she told Gyo-Bin to sign the contract.

Meanwhile, So Hee ruins Eun Jae's artwork and rips a page out. While they fight, Ae Ri calls Gun Woo and informs him about how Eun Jae is getting bullied by So Hee. Gun Woo turns the car and drives straight to the Beauty Shop. He sees So Hee ripping the page and tells her that he wil divorce her. As a result, Gun Woo is late for his meeting, so Ha Jo tells Gyo Bin to sign the contract instead.

Since the incident, Gun Woo is determined to divorce So Hee. Ae Ri comes back to Gyo Bin's family and gets pregnant. During her pregnancy, she finds our that she has an advanced stage of stomach cancer. Doctors tell her to get an abortion so she can have the cancer surgery, but she refuses, thinking that the baby is the only way to keep Gyo Bin and her together.

Ae Ri and Eun Jae join a make up competition that has three stages. The first stage has Ae Ri, another lady, and Eun Jae competing. In the second stage, Ae Ri and Eun Jae and would be competing against each other. And finally in the third stage, Ae ri gets so desperate that she bribes the judges. The competition has different judges for each stage. Ae Ri sabotages Eun Jae by getting her another model, who is allergic to natural make-up, which was about this competition. The judges ask Eun Jae why she kept erasing the model's make-up and Eun Jae tells about the model's allergy. She covered the rash with her concealer. The judges proclaim Ae Ri as the grand prize winner.

Fortunately, the judges find out in time that Ae Ri had bribed the judges, so the winner was Eun Jae. Despite Ae Ri has having miscarriage, she and Eun Jae reconcile and became true friends again. Eun Jae tries to persuade Ae Ri to get the cancer treatment surgery, but Ae Ri is scared that she will die.

Finally in the last episode, Hanuel (who is the real, living Star) gets married to Eun Jae's brother and becomes pregnant. Ae Ri and Gyo Bin go on a vacaton. During this vacation, Ae Ri made a sea shell necklace for Nino, ans she pens two letters: one for Gyo-bin and one for Eun Jae.

After writing the letters, Ae Ri attempts suicide. Gyo-Bin discovers her and tries to save her. Ae ri was screams at him to let go because he needed to take care of Nino and that she was going to die anyway. However, he said he that he was not going to let go and he was going to save her. In the end, the couple down.

Eun Jae gives Nino the sea shell necklace that Ae Ri made for him, saying "This is the last present your mother is giving you."During their funeral, Nino almost has a car accident, but he insists that his mother and father was on the other side of the street. Everybody assumed that they were protecting their son from danger. Ae Ri's letter to Eun Jae said to bury her ashes on the beach where Eun Jae almost died.

So Hee and her mother decide to go to America together. Lady Min gives Ha Jo the papers to own Chunji Constructions again. Gun Woo meets Eun Jae while she was spreading the ashes. He apologizes for hurting her feelings and promises that he will not do it again. He wants Eun Jae to be his wife again. So hee gave Eun Jae two rings with a note saying "I broke you two up. Here's the chance to get back together again." Gun Woo puts his arm around Eun Jae and looks at the sky with her. They were positive that they saw Ae Ri and Gyo-Bin together. The whole drama ends by having the two couples smiling at each other, with Ae Ri and Gyo-Bin in white, looking back at their friends.


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  24. After 30 episodes, I though that a reborn Eun-Jae would spring to life and charged forward seeking retribution. Alas, no! We were subjected to more display of her character

    It was one episode too many to showcase pathetic people. Some of the characters were supposed to be educated, including overseas educated. Eun-Jae deserved what she got as she chose to be treated like a doormat. The men. Oh! The men!. Still living with their parents! That's mummy's boy to the extreme.

    This is the 21st century, dude. If Korean society is still what had been portrayed, then it has to change, seriously. Someone should take the lead in changing attitude and mores of Korean society.

    According to the preview, Eun-Jae did not die but resurfaced with a new personality but there is no need to have more than 30 episodes of showcasing pathetic behaviour. Audiences are intelligent enough to grasp the point without prolonged character development. We get it dude, Eun-Jae was a pathetic doormat! Meanwhile, the men were mummy boys, weak individuals who cannot leave home and live independently.