Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mulan's Release Date Set for November 27

Source: CRI.English

Hong Kong director Jingle Ma's movie "Mulan" will join in the year-end battle at the Chinese box office.

The historical epic is set for release across China on November 27, reports.

A premiere ceremony will be held at the Beijing Workers' Stadium on November 16 and will be broadcast live on Zhengjiang Satellite Television.

Cast members Vicky Zhao (Zhao Wei) and Jaycee Chan attended a press conference in Beijing on Monday to warm up for the release.

Vicky Zhao, who plays the title role, said she was moved to tears when she watched the movie and that she's confident it will not disappoint moviegoers.

Of the movie's rivals, Vicky said she most wants to see director Zhang Yimou's "Amazing Tale: Three Guns."


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