Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Show Luo Frightened by Crazed Fans on Train

Source: CpopAccess

The media has reported that Show Luo encountered some crazy female fans while in China for promotional business. He divulged that while he was traveling in a sleeper train, the fans groped the boards of the wall across from him and said, “We’re honored that we can go to sleep next to the same wall as yours.”

When Show went to China for promotional business, he took a sleeper car to Guangzhou, since he was worried that the weather was too foggy for plane travel. Upon seeing bunk beds in the sleeper car, it made him remember his former boy band days with “Four Heavenly Kings”, where he would sleep in the upper bunk bed and steal a phone call to his then girlfriend.

While Show was busy recalling old memories and playing video games, some fans from across the wall overheard him and recognized his voice. Not only did they take turns confessing their love for him as they groped the wall, they also played some sort of finger-guessing game to see who would sleep next to the same wall adjacent to Show’s. The winning fan stroked the wall and confessed her privilege of sleeping next to Show across the wall, scaring Show to pray that he would sleep soon.


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