Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aaron Kwok may not reprise role in 'Storm Warriors' sequel

Source: Channel News Asia

Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok, who plays Striding Cloud in the film "The Storm Warriors", says he might not act in the sequel if the timing is too tight.

The two-time Golden Horse Award winner intends to spend six months focusing on his new musical theatre production and may not have the time to reprise his lead role in the sequel.

Kwok, 44, revealed this at an event on 15 December, to celebrate the success of "The Storm Warriors" which had broken the 100 million yuan (S$2 million) mark in box office receipts in Asia.

"The Storm Warriors" directors, the Pang brothers, had mentioned that overseas investors have expressed interest in a sequel and urged them to shoot it soon. However, Kwok did not want more of the same.

"Even if I were to reprise my role, I hope there will be more of a plot and less fighting," he said. "It all depends on the script, if there is any room for me to express myself."

Kwok added that he will take the role "out of gratitude" if the Pang brothers and the studio head insist.

Kwok's co-star Ekin Cheng, who plays Whispering Wind, was keen to act in the sequel.

"I will definitely reprise my role if they shoot a sequel. After all, I am the most suitable person for the role," the 42-year-old actor said.

"The Storm Warriors" is based on a series of Wuxia comic books and novels by Hong Kong writer Mah Wing Sheng.

The film is about how the two main heroes Whispering Wind (Cheng) and Striding Cloud (Kwok) set out to stop evil warlord Lord Godless (Simon Yam) and his son Heart (Nicholas Tse) from conquering China.

The 110-minute film had only about 200 lines of dialogue while featuring about 70 minutes of CG enhanced fight scenes.

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