Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wu Zun rebelled, shaved his head to be more 'man'; Calvin had Meniere's disease

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: ling gan @ http://asianfanatics.net

Wu Zun's handsome and elegant face has become the rage of many women, but he himself dislikes his face that's too elegant, as he hopes he can have a crew-cut hairstyle just like Stanley Huang to look more 'man', and he said: "Maybe it would be even better if I'm bald, as it could be very interesting."

Wu Zun dreamed of being bald to play a villain role
The other day Fahrenheit went to Shanghai to attend the MTV Awards 2009, and Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen met Stanley Huang backstage, and all four of them told him that they really admire his sexy, cool outward appearance. Stanley also has a vigorous and graceful body, thus the well-built Wu Zun even analyzed it seriously, he laughingly expressed: "Looking from his build, he's more of like a Japanese stylish guy, while I'm the Euramerican version one!"

But the thing that attracts Wu Zun the most is Stanley's crew-cut hairstyle, as he thinks that a guy with great body and crew-cut hair is interesting. He frankly expressed that he also wants to try being bald, he said: "I think I won't look that cool and cute anymore if I'm bald." As long as he can appear to be more 'man, Wu Zun is more than willing to shave his head. He even hopes to star in a cop-and-robber movie as a villain to surprise everyone!

Calvin Chen was dizzy and lethargic
While Wu Zun shaved his head, Fahrenheit's other member, Calvin Chen recently was having brain fever and became lethargic. When he woke up on the day before the performance at Shanghai, Calvin was cold sweating, dizzy, and vomiting, thus he was rushed to the hospital to get an injection to stop his vomiting. After being examined by the doctor, it's known that he suffered from Meniere's disease. It could be caused by having too much pressure, insufficient sleep, so the inner ear's lymphatic secretion became imbalanced.

Last year in the middle of an autograph session, Calvin felt that his surroundings were turning so hard, and he couldn't even stand up, so he was rushed into the ICU. But he took it lightly, as he continued to work and work, and he only had the time to see the doctor when he's back in Taiwan when he found out that he suffered from the disease. Doctor said that this disease cannot be healed at once, as Calvin has to relax and have a good rest, and he even amusingly expressed: "I was also shocked by this, but I have to finish my work." Nowadays, he still feels giddy, so he's keeping the doctor's medicine handy to alleviate the dizziness.


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