Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joe Chen Qiao En's contract with J-Stars

Source: Nownews
Translated by meosles@asianfanatics.net

Chen Qiao En, who is called the first sister of idol dramas, seems to be confirmed leaving J-Stars when her contract expires. Sources said that this is mainly because Sun De Rong favors male artistes. Not only did he froze her in the past, he never asked for her opinions when accepting acting jobs for her and even once got her to act in a docu-drama. Now that she has become popular in China, some Chinese fans even dig up her "suffering" look in FTV's <>, giving rise to hot discussions on the internet.

Five years ago, Chen Qiao En was still a minor artiste and acted in minor roles in dramas like <> and <>. Sun De Rong even accepted a role in FTV's <> for her. This causes Chen Qiao En, who started out acting in idol dramas, to be unhappy but unable to do anything about it. She can only tell others that it's a "society drama" and that she is trying to win over the housewives market.

Chen Qiao En cemented her status as first sister of idol dramas with her dramas like <> and <>. She has no lack of offers in dramas and endorsements. This year she earned around 34 million and is currently filming <> in China.

The contracts of many artistes under J-Stars are due to expire soon. Other than beloved captains Tony Sun and Zax Wang who are highly likely to renew their contracts; regarding the rest Sun De Rong seems to be mentally prepared and said "Come if able to work together, leave otherwise". Recently he promotes his last boy band "Magic 3+1" which consists of 3 boys who likes magic and said that he will create another miracle after 5566.


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