Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan attends fan-meeting despite ear illness

Unwilling to disappoint fans, Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit decided to go ahead and attend the fan-meeting session despite his ear infection

Source: Mediacorp TV

When one of your fans apparently blew S$700 on a mobile phone handset just to get her own hands on tickets to your exclusive event, you just gotta show up no matter at what cost, even if a ear infection is troubling you.

That’s what Aaron Yan, one quarter of Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit, did at their music showcase last week at St James Power Station, jointly organized by Sony Ericsson and M1. Tickets to the exclusive event were only available by purchasing a handset by the phonemaker. Obviously that didn’t deterred fangirls who willingly splurged for an opportunity to cozy up with their idols.

The four lads made their appearance at 8.30pm and crooned their popular radio hits such as ‘New Home’ and ‘Ai Dao’ because they knew that local fans adored them.

It was revealed that while the band was busy with their concert preparations in Hangzhou, Aaron’s ear became infected (Meniere’s Disease) due to the change in climate and sudden temperature drop.

The 24-year-old was still on intravenous therapy when they landed in Singapore last Tuesday. He did not attend a radio interview, but being the professional that he was, decided to attend the fan-meeting session afterwards to not disappoint them.

During the fan session, the boys looked back on their activities of 2009, and poignantly said, “Holding a concert world tour this year makes it feel particularly meaningful. We are thankful to the local fans for being really concerned about our activities although we have not been visiting Singapore.”

The quartet then pinky-promised fans that they’ll return and visit Singapore again next year.


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