Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Huang Jing Lun dreams that he's Show Luo; Elva Hsiao bursts out laughing

Source: Nownews
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Huang Jing Lun who is still single hopes to reach the standard of 'OK MAN' so that when a girl he likes appear one day, he'll not start panicking. Warner Music thus got the four king and queens in the music industry Elva Hsiao, F.I.R, Huang Hsiao Hu and Show Luo to come up with 4 tasks for him to accomplish. Elva was the first to set a question and she wanted to test how Jing who has problems coordinating his hands and legs when dancing will learn dancing to please the girl that he likes. She requested him to learn the dance in the MV of "Wow" which was sang by her and Show Luo. When Jing heard of his task, his face looked troubled.

Jing's problem with dancing is better than previous year and he's able to learn faster now! He still lacks confidence in himself though and the day before Elva check his performance, he spent the whole night watching "WOW"'s MV to observe the dance, afraid that he'll embarrass himself the next day!
That morning, the workers were all shocked by Jing's dark eyecircles. He said "After I ended my work yesterday, I spent the whole night observing the MV. I watched it not less than twenty times and I kept practicing. I even dreamt of Show!"

Elva and Jing danced "WOW" in front of the media and it was their first time "rehearsing". After dancing it once, Elva burst out laughing and couldn't stop. She told Jing tha t"I'm sorry! I'm not professional enough. I shouldn't have laughed." Jing replied that "Never mind. I have yet to work with a female artiste that won't laugh." Elva explained that "Just now, I was stunned by Jing's expression. There was the feeling of a lion! Especially when I was sitting on the desk and he walked over from far. His eyes were blazing. Jing's very able to open up when dancing!"

Jing also laughed and said "I will consider going for the handsome style!" which caused more laughter to come from Elva. Jing also said that "I spent more than 3 days practicing and I kept dreaming that I was Show Luo." which showed his dedication. He also expressed that "I know I'm very far from Show and I can't directly compare but I have my own style!" Elva praised Jing's "laugh effect" as being better than Show's!


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