Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fahrenheit displays full support for their junior Jade Liu

Source: Yahoo! News

At the recent 2009 MTV Super Festival held in Shanghai last week, Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit took the red carpet walk with Jade Liu, their junior from the same management company. The 27-year-old newbie singer shared her excitement and honour to be in the company of her established seniors.

"Walking on the red carpet with them feels like I am being hugged left and right." She laughingly commented.

Dressed in similar rocker-glam outfits for the event, Aaron Yan shared that he has been listening to Jade's latest music album, Forward. The singer continuously sang praises of Jade's vocal prowess and said that he was "too engrossed and mesmerized by her singing".

At the MTV Super Festival, Fahrenheit bagged the group with the best style award, reaffirming their popularity amongst fans. The courteous boys were all smiles when they received the award and shared that they were eager to watch the performances of their other seniors at the event. They promised to work even harder and gain more experience to do well in the coming year.

As one of the event's special guests, Jade performed a song composed by Tanya Chua, 'Adore You' and dedicated the performance to her seniors that night to show her respect and adoration for them.


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