Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Salt in her bra for luck

Source: Diva Asia

Norika Fujiwara keeps salt in her bra to boost her luck.

The Japanese actress will take out the salt from her bra and scatter it onto the ground to get rid of the bad vibes whenever she goes.

Fujiwara, the Miss Japan 1992, who believes in feng shui, will consult a master on everything related to her including ways to block off the “bad things”.

She is so into it that she would consult the feng shui master on her future and things she has to ward off almost everyday over the past years.

Even before she starts filming, Fujiwara would find a good spot and pray for the film to be a hit.

Japanese Cyzo magazine reported that Fujiwara was found to be a little neurotic recently due to the bad response of her new drama.

While filming the series, she was seen taking out some salt from her bra and scattering it.
Fujiwara started to believe in feng shui after it helped cure her insomnia following the advice of a feng shui master who had told her to put 10g of salt at the four corners of her room.

Since then, feng shui has become a major part of her life. She even changed the colour of her kitchen to yellow and uses only gold doorknobs.

She also took a master’s advice to wear a pentagon-shape wedding ring.

But ironically, feng shui was also one of the reasons that caused Fujiwara and her comedian husband Tomonori Jinnai to divorce.

It was said the couple had been involved in numerous arguments after Jinnar could no longer stand his wife’s “feng shui philosopy”.


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