Thursday, January 21, 2010

Andy Lau spends millions for a change of fortune

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has spent some HK$106 million (S$20 million) on a new home, hoping that the change in feng shui will bring him a child, according to Taiwan reports.

Lau and wife Carol Chu have been trying to conceive for the past one and a half years and have spent over HK$1 million (S$200,000) on fertility treatments without success.

The singer-actor purchased the house at Kadoorie Hill, Mongkok, after engaging the services of a feng shui master.

The master informed Lau that the new house should be kept away from the prying eyes of the public and under tight security. These measures will prevent Chu from being constantly harassed by the paparazzi and allow her to focus on conceiving.

Chu has been under intense media glare since the couple's hush-hush marriage was exposed by the press in August this year. The former Malaysian beauty queen is reported to be uncomfortable and weary of all the attention and hardly leaves her home since arriving in Hong Kong after her father's funeral in August.

Their new home, a two-storey bungalow spanning approximately 1,200 square feet, is surrounded by a high wall and guests have to pass through two security points before reaching the house. The pair are expected to move in before Chinese New Year once renovations are complete.

According to Lau's assistant, the Heavenly King has yet to confirm the report.

Channel News Asia


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