Thursday, January 21, 2010

S.H.E, “We have not heard of buying of awards.”

Translation by: shyun_y @

The Beijing Music Carnival was held recently with a huge turnout of celebrities.

During the evening, F.I.R wowed the crowd with their energetic vocals to bring up the audience mood. Meanwhile Yoga Lin appeared in mid-air as the Prince of “Mi Gu Magical Castle” and slowly descended, attracting screams and cheers from fans all around. S.H.E then performed at the finale with the classic song – [Superstar]. When asked by the media to comment about the recent controversy of “buying awards” in the music industry, all the artistes were hesitant to give much comment. A recent song – [Niao Yu Ban Jiang Li] (literal translation: “Bird” Award Ceremony, which is to mean [Nonsense Award Ceremony]) had subtly hinted on the “sales and purchases of awards”, “internal arrangement”, “record companies buying awards”, “lip-synching during live performances” etc within the music industry. Hence the media took the opportunity to seek comments from the many celebrities present during the evening. Veteran singer Xu Wei revealed that that he heard about this song, but when asked if he has encountered such, he appeared hesitant to comment. At this time, his assistant came forth to block the interview and walked him away.

When S.H.E was asked if there are indeed “underlying conditions” with regard to award ceremony, S.H.E replied, “We’ve not heard of this song, nor about the [buying of awards]. But it is normal for record companies to collaborate with the organizers to run events. As for “sales and purchases of awards”, “payment for fans”? These are too exaggerating!” Then Selina asked, out of curiosity, “What is the name of the song again? Is the ‘niao’ the same as in bird? I must listen to it!”


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