Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Guess" Yao Yao is no match for Butterfly's "Genius"

Source: UDN, The Liberty Times
Credit : alee @

As we previously reported, the popular variety show “Guess Guess Guess” switched up its members as co-host Butterfly left and was replaced by the rather robust Yao Yao.

However, netizens were angry at “Guess”’s decision to replace Butterfly and posted responses on the Internet such as “Stop the Shake-up (note: Yao Yao in Mandarin means “shake”), give us back Butterfly!” and some have begun to boycott the show. Producer Yu Hui-Kai, who has been working on the show for 13 years, expressed that the show needs to have changes and new ideas to keep things fresh.

However, in an interesting counter-move, last Saturday “Genius Go Go Go”, “Guess”’s competing variety show with the same time slot, invited Butterfly to be a guest on its program. In the Saturday night showdown, Yao Yao’s cups were no match for Butterfly’s cuteness as ratings for “Guess” lost to “Genius Go Go Go”. Ratings for "Genius" shot up to 3.0 as the production team for "Guess" could only sit in silence and contemplate if they had made the right decision.


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