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"Down With love" poster released : Jerry and Ella have feel

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CTV and GTV Idol drama "Down with Love" will start airing next month, their poster just came out, and looking at the main lead Jerry Yan and Ella Chen wedding picture, it looked like they really held a grand wedding. Looking at this poster, Jerry felt it was romantic, saying "I remember at that time the weather had been bad for a few days, but when the day of the photoshoot actually came, it became sunny since morning, looking very warm, and perfect to take wedding pictures."

About his future wedding setting, as he filmed many wedding scenes in dramas, outside of them, Jerry doesn't like extravagant ones, he'd rather have a simple wedding. And Ella, while seeing this wedding picture poster, immediately screamed out loud : " It looks so happy, but I think if I really get married it would be very bothersome ! "

She expressed that if she gets married in the future, she won't make something as complex, she will just have a civil marriage with her other half, inviting her best friends and closest family, and hold a simple wedding.

Xiao Xian also screamed "So pretty ! looks happy. " while seeing this poster and the happiness in it, it also made her more expectant about marriage, "I like to see this happiness with everyone gathering together." Xiao Xian feels that now there are less and less people getting married, so if she gets married she won't necessary hold a big wedding, but she will make sure to invite her relatives and friends to share the happiness of getting married.

Michael Zhang dreams to hold a parachuting wedding, saying "That's a once a liifetime thing, of course it needs to be special, making unforgettable memories about each other."

Jerry and Ella worked together for 5 months to film "Down with love", the 2 became really good friends, Ella even says : "There were times I wanted to act as Xiang Yu-Ping (Jerry's character in the drama), because this character's personality has a big contrast, very warm inside but cold outside. " And Jerry also admitted that this drama made him become much more lively, Ella says laughing, "It's good ! Continue like that, then, in the future if it doesn't work out with the female lead, you can find me."

Ella stated that she never thought she'd be able to work with Jerry who has a king status, but after dealing with him a few months, she described Jerry as a very lively person, it's only that he needs time.

Talking about the most memorable scene, just before wrapping up, the scene they filmed in a little house in the mountains was the most unforgettable. Ella says that because the weather was very hot, being locked in that steel made house made them sweating hard as soon as they came in, "So all the crew wanted to escape from that house as soon as possible." Because it was too hot, and they had to film at other places in the evening, Ella could only ask the neighbors to lend her their bathroom to shower, "But my sister unexpectedly bought some milk bath especially made for men, I still don't know how she got it."

Jerry joked : "I didn't film many dramas where you get to the hospital the day after filming."

Because they had to rush to finish all the scenes in order to wrap up, everyday they had to film until dawn, Jerry's left eye suddenly reddened and stated to swell but he could only put up with it and do his best to finish filming, waiting only for the next day to go to the hospital to get checked. Jerry says "For days my eye was swollen, but fortunately, the drama had wrapped up."


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