Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fahrenheit deny lip syncing at the new year's celebrations

Source China Times
Translated Elvenstar @ Asianfanatics

Fahrenheit member Wu Chun was suspected of lip syncing at the New Year celebrations, on the 2nd during their autograph session for their concert DVD they once again denied the claims and he even sang a couple of lines of " 愛拚才會贏" (you must fight in order to win) to prove that he can sing live.

After Fahrenheit had finished singing for the New Year's party, Wu Chun quickly rushed to the restaurants before they closed to buy a big New Year's set meal to return home to eat. Calvin Chen laughed at his love for food "I even asked him to play Texas poker, but he refused saying he had to return home to eat." Since it was the holiday season, overseas fans were present at the autograph session, Fahrenheit also stated till the end of the event their company will prepare them sushi, dumplings and chicken to feed them at any time to help replenish their energy.


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