Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taiwanese actor Alec Su accused of defrauding tenantTaiwanese actor Alec Su accused of defrauding tenant

Source: Channel News Asia

Taiwanese actor Alec Su has been accused of fraud by a Chinese tenant who had rented a commercial property owned by him.

Su's tenant claimed that he had rented the property from Su through a brokerage firm and had already put up the initial rental down payment and safety deposit for the property along with 296,000 yuan (S$60,000) for renovations for use as a hair salon in July last year.

Unfortunately, when he attempted to get a business operating licence from the authorities, he was rejected, on the grounds that properties owned by overseas individuals or organisations (including those from Hong Kong and Taiwan) cannot be used for commercial activity.

The tenant alleges that Su and the property broker handling this matter had prior knowledge of these restrictions but failed to inform him about it, despite knowing that the tenant's intention to use the property as a hair salon.

The tenant is seeking 440,000 yuan (S$90,000) in compensation.

Su's lawyer denied these allegations and pointed out that the tenant should already know about the restrictions as these regulations have been in place long before the contract was signed.

"If you [the Chinese tenant] did not know about the regulations, how could a Taiwanese like Alec Su know about it? The plaintiff has no evidence. Alec Su did nothing wrong," said Su's lawyer.

Su's lawyer added that the rental contract was between the tenant and the brokerage firm and had nothing to do with the actor.

37-year-old Su is best known for his role in the wildly successful Chinese drama "Princess Pearl" in the late 1990s and as a member of Taiwanese boyband The Little Tigers that disbanded in 1995.

Su will re-unite with former band mates Nicky Wu and Benny Chen for a one-off performance at this year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala.


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