Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wu Chun honoured by Lee Byung-hun’s gesture

The G.I. Joe villain hopes to collaborate with the Taiwanese singer-actor in the future

Source: Mediacorp

The muscles of Taiwan meet the muscles of Korea. And they seemed to have rubbed off each other the right way.

Wu Chun and Lee Byung-hun were at the 2010 Asia Model Awards last Friday. Both won for their respective countries. Wu was also taken aback and pleasantly surprised when the Korean superstar proposed that they work together in the future.

It was the two’s first meeting, but due to a common passion for hitting the gym, the musclemen continued chatting after leaving the stage.

Wu said that when it comes to acting and experience, he has a lot to learn from his counterpart, but when the topic came to their physique, the member of Taiwanese boyband Farenheit assumed more confidence.

“His figure is quite good, but we’re different. He’s toned, while I’m bulky.”

Lee, who showcased his six-pack in his Hollywood debut G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, later invited Wu for a possible future collaboration.

Fans will be able to see Wu’s well-defined midsection when the movie 14 Blades opens here in February. The Daniel Lee film will mark Wu’s move to the silver screen, as he sheds his pretty boy image to become a tough pirate.

In fact, the question of whether he would reveal much of his famed sculpted body was the topic of a fierce debate during the movie’s pre-production. His character roams the deserts, therefore logically he should be neatly wrapped.

His sound bite? “Catch the movie to find out.”

The Bruneian native’s star in Korea now cannot be higher. His idol dramas Hana Kimi, Romantic Princess, and Hot Shot all received high viewership in Korea, and he’s touted as the most influential celebrity in the Chinese-speaking market.

He also said he’s very touched that having not visited Korea for a year, there was nevertheless massive fanfare and media attention for him last Friday.


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