Monday, March 15, 2010

F.I.R's Faye gives Real birthday present, wishes to hold wedding in Israel

original source: Epoch Times
translated by minchong92 @

F.I.R’s guitarist Real presented a “Guava” ticket* to his girlfriend, lead singer Faye. The day before, Faye returned the gesture by giving him a box of guavas for his 30th birthday.

*pun used to say that he extended the time between proposing to Faye two years ago and still no wedding…

On the 11th, F.I.R released a repackaged version of their new album/5th anniversary collection and also held a music event. That day was coincidentally Real’s 30th birthday. The group’s leader Ian and Faye were originally going to prank him by supposedly forgetting his birthday.

They didn’t think that as soon as the event started that Real would tell everyone: “Hey, today’s my birthday!”

The netizens were curious as to what present Faye gave Real. She said that she bought him a box of guavas. But since they had a lot of promotions on their schedule, she first gave him a guava to eat in the afternoon.

Even though Faye gave guavas to Real, she still hopes that he will write more funky songs. But she didn’t think that 2 years ago, Real would propose to her with a diamond ring at their Taiwan concert. But it has now been more than 2 years and their wedding date has continuously been extended. As Real gave Faye a “Guava” ticket, it wouldn’t be surprising that she gave him a box of guavas as his birthday present.

Faye said that she would want to hold her dream wedding in Israel. However, Real shook his head: “Holding it in Israel wouldn’t be very good, lah! With the chariots going back and forth, I would feel really nervous.”

Then Faye changed her mind and said that holding a wedding in Mongolia or Xinjiang province would be very beautiful as well. She didn’t think that Real would bring up his own opinions again: “If we marry there, all the guests will have to bite down on sand when they eat!” It seems that when it comes to choosing the wedding destination, the two already have contrasting opinions. No wonder the two haven’t married yet – they even dragged their leader Ian into the water. If their leader hasn’t married yet, they’re probably too embarrassed to go first.


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