Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainie Yang plays with fog; burns $3million in 2 minutes

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Rainie Yang is about to step onto the Taipei Arena stage for the first time! The concert organisers have been racking their heads thinking of the best show-opener, and have decided to bring in 14 'fog machines' specially from overseas, to create a 3D romantic & fantasy feeling. Just the 2-minute opening scene alone is estimated to cost $3million. Rainie commented: “Wow! It’s like when we used to blow bubbles when we were little; it’s like a Western-version fairy coming down to Earth!”

Rainie’s concert has been given the name ‘Wild Fantasy’ to reflect her whimsical personality. Creative new ideas have gone into both the design of the costumes and the stage; particularly a never-seen-before white ‘balloon’ dress where 680 balloons have been assembled together into an evening gown. She will enter the stage riding on a ‘unicorn’ and will fly from the air towards the 120cm high "rock area" on the stage to have close interaction with her fans. Isn’t she afraid that fans will stick out their ‘pervy’ hands? Rainie laughed: “I’m just afraid my mood will be too HIGH, and I’ll be too busy playing with all the fog!”


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