Saturday, May 01, 2010

Viter Fan apologizes, Cyndi Wang still believes in true love

original source: UDN
translated by minchong92 @

Those cherished memories of one’s youthful past have all been marred by the ex-boyfriend. He used the most despicable way to reveal unnecessary details about their relationship that has long past. After Cyndi Wang broke down, she left a message on her Facebook to express her feelings about the current situation: “As imperfect as that love is, I would never want to end it with regret.”

Cyndi also stated that she hopes that she will experience the right kind of love in the future. Viter Fan, the ex-boyfriend, has already publicly apologized for his statements. However, the anti-fan movement against him has already exploded. They want him to leave the entertainment circle.

Cyndi Wang was disappointed. She thought that she would be able to avoid the bad moments of a relationship and just remember the beautiful things that happened instead. But the good and bad parts of love don’t just disappear. One is unable to remember just the good parts: “If that one romance can let you learn so much from it, perhaps it’s not just lost memories.”

When the netizens reacted towards this situation, Cyndi said: “As imperfect as that love is, I would never want to end it with regret. I would rather see myself lucky to overcome that relationship when I was so young.”

Over the past few days, she has broken down once. Then she went to eat a meal and play with her dog Pluto. Cyndi is ready to welcome the new day.

After her last relationship, Cyndi has matured quite a bit: “A lot of people tell me – ‘No wonder, you haven’t been in a relationship for so long.’ But actually I still believe that there will be the right person who will love me. It’s just that when I meet with love, I’ll be braver and wiser to face it.”

Yesterday afternoon, Viter Fan released his public apology. Towards Cyndi, he sincerely apologized. However, Viter also added in a 700-character statement that he was the one tricked by media. The interview he gave was one based on trust. And as a result, this misplaced trust resulted in his fall from grace in the entertainment circle.


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