Saturday, May 01, 2010

Viter Fan: Hit Cyndi twice, cheated on her? Surprised she wasn't a virgin at 17

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @

Viter Fan and Cyndi Wang started dating in 2000 after being introduced by director Zhang Zhuo Chi, but it has been a constant on-off five year relationship, fettered with many rumours. After their breakup in 2005, all their issues were laid on the table and brought to light, including their sweet moments, cheating, and reasons for their breakup. Their vocal-less fighting has been confirmed through all these rumours by both parties, with the exception of one: allegations that Viter would rough Cyndi around. Now, in an exclusive interview with China Times Magazine, Viter admits, "I roughed her around twice!"

On April Fools Day this year, Viter uploaded an old photo of an intimate scene with then girlfriend Cyndi on his Facebook, starting rumours a-flurry once again. In the limelight again due to his past relationship with Cyndi, he said that he posted the photo online to remember the best moments of the relationship, and to give it a beautiful ending.

Cyndi and Viter's relationship had been kept under tight wraps because at the time each excelled in their own piece of the world; one was a rising star in the acting industry, and the other the sweet princess of the music industry. However, after their five year relationship ended, all of their personal details about their life together was exposed to the world through news headlines when they started an epic drawn out fight over the pages of the newsprint. From how they started dating to Viter's cheating, then Cyndi's cheating, all of it ended completely with Viter's posting of a moment of sweetness in their tumultuous relationship.

To rumours that during their days of dating, they had unending arguments that led to Viter roughing Cyndi around, both parties never commented nor acknowledged these allegations through their publicists. Everytime this question arose, both of them would skirt around the issue.


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