Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rainie attacks Arena too vigorously, loses sleep every night

Source: Liberty Times
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"Cute Princess" Rainie Yang successfully controlled the stage at the Taipei Arena last Saturday, showing her flexibility and ballet skills that awed her fans. Finally having achieved her dream, she was extremely happy, and her sugar high lasted her through the next week after the concert, causing her to lose sleep almost every night. Every time she closed her eyes, she would hear the beating of her heart, "and I could see the concert over and over again".

Shields her emotions onstage, feels elated inside
After a full 10 years, Rainie completed her fantasy of "A Wild Fantasy Concert" by rehearsing nonstop, ignoring rolled ankle injuries, and constant nightmares due to intense pressure. Before her opening, she also suffered from a heavy flu, and her condition was all over the place. It wasn't until her concert ended that she finally believed that her beautiful dream had finally come true, and could finally rest at home, but she couldn't even fall asleep! "Because I'm just too excited! I close my eyes and all I can see is the concert." She said that she was trying to hide her emotions while onstage, because she didn't want her fans to see her cry, but inside she had already cried many tears of joy.

Takes up role of special guest at Xiao Zhu's Hong Kong concert
However, after concentrating on her own concert, Rainie now has to work on her project as Xiao Zhu's special guest at his Hong Kong concert, and rehearse for her "Wild Fantasy Singing Selections" autograph and singing concert in May. Will she be sleepless as the special guest for Xiao Zhu's concert? She said, "Actually, no, because we understand each other completely." She remained tight-lipped about the program, and asked fans to wait and see.


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