Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ethan Ruan sued by ex-manager

Credits: Channel NewsAsia

TAIPEI: Taiwan model-actor Ethan Ruan's former manager has sued the star for NT$3 million (S$130,000) on Wednesday, alleging that Ruan signed with him while underage and then breached the contract, said Chinese media.

In addition to monetary reparations, Ruan's former manager Chen Xiao Zhi is also asking the "Monga" star to call a press conference within three days and issue a public apology.

Chen claimed that Ruan had signed a five-year contract with him in March 1991, and also signed with modelling agency Catwalk, contravening the terms of their contract.

The star's former manager was also upset that Ruan denied ever signing a contract with him when interviewed by the media about the matter, damaging Chen's reputation and harming his credibility.

Ruan's current management agency, Catwalk, expressed that it will support Ruan in the face of such allegations.

Catwalk responded to the matter on Wednesday saying: "Ruan had just turned 20 at the time and he did not have his guardian's written consent. Furthermore, Chen did not contact Ruan anymore after that.

"Ruan had been modelling for the past seven years and worked hard to become an actor. After going through such a tough journey, he has finally achieved some success. We do not wish to let Chen harm him with false claims. We will let our legal department this matter"

Chen had been demanding compensation from Ruan since May this year and claimed that he would donate the money to charity.

However, he was largely ignored by the actor, who questioned why his former manager only raised this issue eight years after he inked the contract.

- CNA/ha


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