Saturday, August 07, 2010

TaeYang’s solo concert to be postponed, new international release album on 19th August

YG Entertainment representative Yang HyunSeok announces the postpone of TaeYang’s upcoming concert.

He posted up an announcement on YGE homepage on 2nd August about TaeYang who is currently promoting ‘I Need A Girl’ and also his upcoming concert.

He wrote, “TaeYang will end the promotions for this song ‘I Need A Girl’ on MBC Music Core on 14th August. And coming 19th August, there will be a new album release.”

According to representative Yang, the new album will be an international release album. And the album will include 2 new songs never released in TaeYang’s earlier album. And the title song will be ‘I’ll Be There’ composed and written by Teddy. There will also be English version of ‘Wedding Dress’ included.

Yang HyunSeok added, “The upcoming independent concert set to take place on 4th and 5th September will be postponed due to Big Bang’s Japanese promotions and CF filmings.”

Yang HyunSeok also explained that they have yet to find an appropriate concert venue for the upcoming concert, meant for audience aged 19 years and above.



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