Saturday, August 07, 2010

Eddie Peng and Danson Tang believe that Joe Cheng is the worst dancer

Source: NOWnews
Written by: fufu @

Yesterday, Danson Tang and Eddie Peng appeared as judges for the Metro Street Dance Competition's preliminary rounds. They performed a dance themselves, but expressed honestly that they felt great pressure dancing in front of professional dancers – the contestants and other judges. The moment they stepped onto the stage, sweat ran down their faces. They joked, “We were washing our faces.” The media couldn’t help but ask who has the best potential to become the next “dance king”. The two teased, “It’s too hard to tell which of us is better, but we know that the worst dancer is definitely Joe Cheng!”

As first time judges, they leave the tough parts for other professional judges to handle. Danson expressed that he was there to judge each dance crew’s image, while Eddie focused on overall creativity. The prize money for first place winner is $480,000 (NT) for this competition, which attracted over 200 dance crews to participate.

When asked how the contestants can relieve their stress, Danson advised that they can jump into a pool. He emphasized that swimming can relieve stress and help you relax. Eddie on the other hand, said that he enjoys reading novels at home or going to the movies to relieve his stress.

In October, Eddie and Danson will be joining fellow label-mates Ariel Lin, A-Lin, and Joe Cheng to perform at Japan’s Asia Music Summit.


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