Friday, August 27, 2010

Manhwa: Honggane by Hwang Mi-ri

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The story revolves around the characters of the Hong family. The protagonist is a girl by the name of Hong Nanhee, the middle child of a family which runs a tae kwon do dojang (equivalent of a karate dojo. She has an older brother, Nanpa, who is the jjang of a technical high school, Gong-goh, and younger brother, Nanmyoung. Nanhee has a second degree in taekwondo, attends a girls’ high school and has a tendency says what she wants to say without realizing the consequences.

When Nanhee’s younger brother was born, she was left in the care of her older brother, Nanpa, who took special care in raising her; he has a sister-complex. He tends to be overly-protective of her: he gets rid of any guys that hang around her by getting her underlings to tail her, making it almost impossible to have any male friends..Read more>>


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