Thursday, August 26, 2010

Manhwa: Miunohri to Swan by Hwang Mi-ri

This story revolves around Go Mi-oh, the youngest of three daughters , who desires to be beautiful and be accepted. Mi-oh's two elder sisters, as well as everyone else in her family is beautiful; with her being the only exception - she is over-weight, short, and has messy curly hair. Her father is the president of a company called Dark Hunters the story.

Due to her appearance, which differs so much from her family, Mi-oh is left out of all family gatherings and her sisters refuse to acknowledge her as their sibling. She resorts to living on her own in a studio apartment. As if her family life were not miserable enough, at school she is constantly bullied and humiliated by Kim Do-jin, simply because he deems her as ugly and cannot stand the sight of her...Read more>>


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