Friday, August 27, 2010

Triond Overview

There are various places that you can earn some money writing online and Triond is just one of the many places.

When writing for Triond, grammar has to be good in order for it to be published. You can write about anything that you like to. Of course, the more popular a topic, you earn more money.

Triond is particular when it comes to the submission of your articles: the articles that you submit have to be original, and not submitted elsewhere on the internet. Content that has previously been published elsewhere on the internet, or articles that are too similar to various sources over the Internet will be declined. This includes duplicate items that you yourself have authored.

Once your article has been published, you would still retain all authorship and copyrights to the materials submitted for publication through the website. Other than articles, you can also publish photos, but they do not earn you as much money. If your article is good, interesting, and about a popular topic, with some good promotion, you can make quite a bit of money.

Payment is prompt, and is either by Western Union and Paypal. With Triond you are paid through Yahoo! ads and Google adsense ads which increases your earnings exponentially.

However, to truly start earning money you would have to build up your database of articles. So perseverance and constantly writing is the key, to not only honing your writing skills, but also earning some money. You should write and published your content in a site that you feel most comfortable with, so read the terms and conditions carefully. You may also like to try other similar sites...Read more>>


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