Friday, September 03, 2010

Fahrenheit comes back with dance moves that are too hot for icebergs

Source: Cpop Access

Fahrenheit looks like they are ready to escape from the (badly photoshopped) “land of icebergs” and take off their clothes off once and for all! In anticipation of their "Super Hot (太熱)" album on September 17th, the group went to dance master Chang Sheng Feng, who choreographed Jolin Tsai’s Dancing Diva among others, for guidance on perfecting their icy-hot dance moves.

The members have been practicing hard on a “Towel Fighter Dance” that is supposed to exude their manliness. The highlight of the dance includes body contact, not with each other but with female dancers, where the ladies would run their hands over the members' bodies. These “Hot“ moves were apparently enough to expand Calvin Chen’s blood vessels, while an embarrassed Wu Chun asked his groupmates, “Did my moves and expression looked really weird?”

There was a price to pay for creating such “hotness” -- Jiro Wang re-injured his knee during dance practice, Calvin Chen pulled a thigh muscle, Wu Chun sacrificed his break from his drama to film the music video and Aaron Yan only had a day of rest after suffering a concussion recently.

Director Bi Er Jia wanted to emphasize on the visual effects of "fiery hotness" and "icebergs". In order to make Fahrenheit looking like they were “breaking out of ice”, the members were filmed while being half-naked and smeared with jelly that pretended to be ice. The staff also added some man-made hotness by spraying them with a water gun to create the “sweat effect”. Fahrenheit wanted to show their best possible bods on screen, so they all did last-minute push-ups and sit-ups before filming began.

The group will be holding a preorder event at the NTU Sports Center on September 4th. Some fans criticized the $700 NTD ($22 USD) ticket for being too pricey. Their record company said the event will be produced like a concert, with a specially designed stage that allows them to ascend and descend, in addition to visual effects. Fahrenheit will also give away limited edition of signed posters and autograph for the fans.

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