Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainbow's belly button dance is allowed on 'Dae Mul', but not on 'Inkigayo'?

The bulletin boards became hot after Rainbow's appearance on 'Dae Mool' with the belly button dance which became restricted from broadcasts after the program aired.

On the past 20th, Rainbow has appeared on SBS 'Dae Mul' as by-election supporters and has danced the belly button dance to catch the peoples attention. The belly button dance was a choreography from Rainbow's hit song 'A', they lift their shirt and show they belly button and they received an intellectual saying that it was 'obscene' , Since they couldn't promote 'A' properly, they have stopped the promotion.

After the broadcast, people have told the following to the producers on the bulletin boards such as"I don't know the determinations of the broadcast banning", "'Dae Mul' is rated PG-15 just like SBS Inkigayo', People said 'I was really confused when I was watching the drama with my child', 'If the broadcast goes on fire, won't the drama too?', 'If you cannot change the choreography, can't you work on the clothes?' and etc...

Source: Yahoo Media
Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7


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