Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mike He Enjoys Being Less Popular; Signs New Management Contract With HIM

Credit to fufu@cpopaccess

Mike He’s management contract with TVBS ended back in September of last year, and he has been his own manager ever since. During the year, Mike has received 15 different contract offers from different management companies including some in Japan and the Mainland – an agency even guaranteed a sixty million (TWD) bonus. But Mike revealed that he has a strong sense of insecurity, so he waited until he could sign with a management company that he can trust.

After much negotiation, he decided to go with HIM; He explained that HIM has not only showed their ability in managing with commercials, dramas, and music records, but most importantly, he felt the trust towards the company as it had once managed his good friend and actor Dylan Kuo. Manager Ying Hui-Ling of HIM expressed, “HIM is an all-round management company. (We’re) very happy to be working with Mike He.”

Mike has just accepted the male lead role in GTV’s upcoming drama, “美樂。加油” (roughly translates to Mei Le, Go). Besides work, he expressed that he is a stay-home guy that likes surfing the web and playing video games during his spare time these days. His dramas in the last two years haven’t been doing well in ratings and the media pointed out that his popularity is declining, but he said optimistically, “To be honest, I care more about whether I have work to do or not. I’ve been working continuously and I’ve even renewed an endorsement contract.” He also added, “There are less people recognizing me on the streets now with my popularity declining, (so) I can walk around more freely.”


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