Saturday, October 23, 2010

S. H.E’s Ella nurses a broken heart

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Singer escapes to New York after tacitly admitting that her boyfriend two-timed her. Nothing beats the pain of having your boyfriend two-time you and having to admit that he did, which was exactly what happened to Ella from Taiwanese girl band S.H.E.

During her appearance for fellow member Hebe's post concert celebration, she admitted to the reporters that she met a "bad person" and that they have not been in contact for a long time when asked about her boyfriend Tommy Chao, a chief executive officer of a finance company. Tommy, who was secretly dating Ella for more than a year, was seen picking up a sexy lady and checking into a hotel. The singer-actress was working in China at that time.

Word has it that they broke up after the incident, but Ella has remained tight-lipped about her personal life. She would be flying to New York for a study tour at the end of the month. Ella will be hitting the big screen for the first time next year when she returns from the states.


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