Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ariel Lin casts aside Golden Bell, challenges Golden Horse again with her return to the big screen

Source: UDN
Translated by btzigane @
By Chiang Chi-leng
Golden Bell Queen Ariel Lin is not worried about the Golden Bell curse. Seven years after her 2003 movie, Love Me If You Can, Golden Horse Best Actress nomination, she is once again filming a movie, Love Sick (temporary title). She will be partnering with her shi-di (company junior), Chen Bolin (Wilson Chen), acting as sweethearts.

After venturing and competing in the music industry, Ariel was worried that her acting skills might get rusty and carried a book on acting with her, filling the scripts [I guess this means the acting book contains a lot of scripts/plays] with her writing [probably her side notes/comments], hoping to return and re-discover the feeling of filming a movie, and once again challenging the Golden Horse award.

Ariel's acting skills have received affirmation, leaving a deep impression on many directors. As production of the idol dramas, Extravagant Challenge and Coffee Prince Taipei, had been stalled because of script and casting problems, her management company said (Ariel) had some free time until next year so she decided to accept the movie offer. The storyline is still very confidential.

Sources said the movie will be helmed by a Hollywood-based Chinese-American director who specializes in shooting short films and commercials. Chinese investors have gone all the way to Taiwan to sincerely invite her [to participate in the movie]. Moreover, there are quite a few foreign production team members, which made Ariel feel that it’s all going to be very fresh [i.e., working with this new team] and finally agree [to join the film]. She hopes to create new sparks with the new team. Her new partner, Chen Bolin, will play a Prince Charming. This will be the first time that the two will play lovers on the big screen.

Love Sick will begin shooting at the beginning of December. In past years, Ariel had always celebrated her birthday with fans, but this year, she chose to celebrate it with her mom and younger brother; the family took the time to take a trip to Taipei Zoo to enjoy simple, every day happiness. When she was filming a commercial in Shanghai, Ariel treated her manager and colleagues to a big sluice crab feast, replenishing their strength before work – very considerate of her.


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