Saturday, December 11, 2010

S.H.E's Selina Jen finally able to speak to media

Thursday December 2, 2010 Taiwan

Taiwan pop trio S.H.E's Selina Jen addressed the media for the first time on Thursday via an audio recording, since being hospitalized 42 days ago for the severe burns she suffered during a filming accident, reported Taiwan media.

Prior to this message, Jen's father and fiance Richard Chang had always responded to media queries on her behalf.

"Hi, it really is me. Now that I have been taken off the morphine (a narcotic that acts as a strong painkiller), I am more lucid, can use the phone and speak to people normally.

"Previously, I don't even remember what I said to people, it's actually quite funny," said Jen, who sounded the same as before in a 22-second recorded message released to the Taiwan media.

Jen later sent an SMS to the various media outlets and assured her fans that she was recovering well.

"I know you are very concerned about me. The most painful period has passed," Jen said in her SMS.

According to a statement from Jen's record label HiM International Music, doctors say that the 29-year-old singer's rate of recovery is "better than expected", with new skin growth observed on the site of her burns.

The statement also said that Jen has been doing exercises to help train her facial muscles and had been advised by doctors to drink more milk to help her skin heal.

Jen suffered severe third-degree burns to 41 per cent of her body in October when the explosives put in place for an explosion scene in Jen's new drama "I Have A Date With Spring" detonated prematurely.


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