Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fahrenheit shows no jealousy as they go their separate ways

Source: Chinatimes
Translated by: fufu @ CpopAccess

In regards to rumors about the group being on bad terms and news of them disbanding, Fahrenheit responds, “We’re used to it, so we might as well not respond. A group will always go through these sort of things.” It is a fact that the popularity of each member is different, but all four members express, “This is good competition. We will only know what’s good and bad when there is comparison.” They emphasize that they won’t be jealous of each other even when they work as solo artists in the future. Fahrenheit will be releasing their 4th album in August and after that, they will have only one more album left to complete their contract.

Wu Chun, the rising movie star
Wu Chun not only sings, stars in dramas and movies, but also owns a fitness center. Aaron Yan compliments, “He has his thoughts on things and is a person with principle.” Although Wu Chun loves to eat, he still manages to keep a fit body, but Jiro Wang reveals, “One time when we were promoting in Singapore, I asked him to save me two ribs, but in the end, I only saw leftover bones.” Just several days ago at their autographing session, when they spoke of food, Jiro made fun of Wu Chun, and called him a “pig” saying, “You pretend to be a ‘pig’ (play dumb) and swallow a tiger (this year is tiger year).”

Jiro and Aaron are the two who are most interested in music, and they plan to release an EP this year. Jiro will reunite with his five-member band, Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛), from highschool, “This was a promise we made in high school. We must stand on stage together.” He promises that he will introduce Dong Cheng Wei to the fans with the aid of his popularity.

Aaron learns Jazz theory and guitar
Aaron is currently working hard on learning Jazz theory and guitar, and is expected to release his solo album this year, containing five songs. Other members express their support: Calvin Chen says that he will be the MC at his press conference, while Wu Chun and Jiro want to attend as special guests to help promote. Furthermore, Aaron’s other wish is to obtain a driver’s license, “Everyone says that a boy cannot become a man without a driver’s license. I’m already 24.”

Calvin dreams of becoming a host
Calvin on the other hand, has recommended himself to TV networks to become a host. Wu Chun comments, “He’s a sunny boy that knows how to tell jokes, so hosting definitely wouldn’t be a problem. I hope that I can be on his variety show one day.” Calvin will give himself two years time to pursue his dream as a variety show host. He expresses that his pay is not an issue. In addition, he is open to talk about sex and/or hot topics such as scandals and rumors, “As long as it has been communicated with the guest and we both know what the limit is.” But gossips or hot topics both require the interviewer to press for, thus, Calvin replies that he would use phrases like “surveys indicate,” or “netizens want to know,” type of format to open discussions and not affect his guests' emotions while also keeping his viewers interested.

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  1. please dun split up.... all the fans will be very upset... as we love you guys