Saturday, December 11, 2010

Selina Tries Wheelchair Excitedly Cries

Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Since the explosion with burns from the accident, it has been over a month and a half for artist Selina, she has continued to treatment at the hospital for debridement, skin grafting, rehab and other treatments. Ren Ba’s latest article includes happy news shared on his blog, suffering for 45 days; Selina yesterday for the first time is able to touch the ground with her feet trying to sit on the wheelchair.

Yesterday Selina was observed for the 3rd time of her recovery from skin grafting, Ren Ba quoted what the doctor said: “Although there are still some skin that needs to be repaired, but it’s quite optimistic of the results from the skin grafting.” Besides good progress from the skin grafting, Selina has never left her hospital room since the accident on Oct 22nd, so finally after the incident of 46 days she is able to try her first attempt to bending her knees on the wheelchair.

Ren Ba expressed, Selina originally relied on the nurse to carry her to the wheelchair, at the end she was able to hold her pain and with the aid of the nurse to try to put her legs on the ground, then slowly sat down in the chair.

Holding the pain and using strength to sit in the wheelchair, Selina’s face was flushed red, Ren Ba said once she firmly sat in the chair, at that moment she excitedly cried. Ren Ba feeling full of sadness said to Selina, “Child, you’ve worked hard the past 45 days!”

Another article with additional news about Yu Hao Ming
Source: YAM

But when Selina is trying her first steps since her injuries, the also injured Yu Hao Ming is rumored that his recovery is not as optimistic. The Hunan TV station that invested in the production of "I have a date with spring" earlier said Yu Hao Ming will be attending the New Years events, and on the 6th they said again, he has been discharged from the hospital, but is unable to attend. The staff from the management company said privately, his recovery has not been satisfactory, they are preparing to transfer him to Hong Kong for treatment. His official fan club has also stated "he still can not bend the arm, the face is still red and swollen, preparing to transfer him to a more professional recovery hospital for treatments."


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