Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aaron Yan will not give in to Jiro Wang

The singer-actor allegedly refused to play second fiddle to his Fahrenheit member again

Source : xinmsn.com

It is not the first time Fahrenheit members are rumoured to be at odds with each other.

Members of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen, and Taiwanese actor Danson Tang shot to fame in 2005 after starring in the well-received drama KO One.

Although the show's production crew had wanted to a sequel last December, the project has now been postponed indefinitely.

The script is believed to be delayed as Aaron decided to quit the production after discovering that he would play second male lead to Jiro's lead role. The two are said to be on bad terms with each other.

In previous reports, Aaron reportedly said that he did not feel that his popularity was less than the other members. He even added that the other members were unhappy because he received more attention. However, the singer neither acknowledged nor denied when a reporter asked if the member who was "unhappy" referred to Jiro.

Aaron's manager denied the rumour, saying that the sequel was shelved because the producer wanted to come up with a better script. As Aaron would be releasing his solo EP after the Lunar New Year, it is unconfirmed if he would be able to take on the project.

The manager also said that it was usual for members to engage in "friendly competition".


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