Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beast: "If given the opportunity, we'd like to work with Kanye West."

Beast Interview in Hot Magazine Malaysia Issue 163, Jan 2011

HOT: What was it like recording your album Shock of The New Era?
Beast: Everything that was in us is now in the album. All the emotions, all our thoughts,we’ve put everything into this and regardless of whether it’s a success or a failure, we know that we’ve given our all.

HOT: With collaborations being quite the in thing these days, is there anyone you would like to work with?
Beast: If given the oppurtunity, we’d like to work with Kanye West.

HOT: What’s the funniest thing that a fan has done for you?
Beast: Well, one of our fans gave us a chicken. Every two weeks, this fan would send us a chicken. [Laughs] We just cooked it and ate it. The reaction from the fans has been great. We are surprised but very rateful and thankful.

HOT: Wherever you go,there’s always a bunch of screamng girls nearby. Tell us, is it difficult living in the limelight?
Beast: We have to be very careful about where we go and what we say. It’s just very different from the life we used to have. It’s not that we don’t like it, we’re very happy about how things has turned out. It’s just that we’ve come to realise that when you gain something, there are some things that you will have to lose.

HOT: Do you miss your normal life?
Beast: Not really. We’re happy with where we are now and how people are aware of our music.

HOT: You guys work very hard and tour quite a lot. How much do you miss home?
Beast: A lot. All of us get homesick when we’re on tour. We spend more time on the road than at home now. Any amount of time that we get to spend at home is really precious to us.

HOT: What’s the first thing you do when you get home?
Beast: For every one of us, it’s a different thing. Some of us can’t wait to eat a good plate of home-cooked food. Some of us want a good night’s sleep while others want to catch up with our old friends.

HOT: What’s it like working, living and touring as a group?
Beast: It’s really fun. Even when we’re just waiting around to go for interviews, we talk and mess around and just have fun. Sometimes we even watch movies together. We spend a lot of time with each other because we have to practise and work together. We are each other’s best friend!

HOT: Among the six of you, who gets punked the most?
Beast: The one who gets pranked the most is Kikwang. Even when we tell him the most out of this world things he will go, ‘Oh really?’
HOT: Okay one last thing, send a shoutout to all your fans from this part of the world.
Beast: Thank you for all the support so far. We’d love the opportunity to come back here, give our all and perform for you all again. Please don’t forget us!

Source: My Beast Boys, Hot Magazine Malaysia


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