Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Manager Tells Inside Story of Lollipop's Separation

Source: NowNews
By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Time to unveil the truth.

Former manager of boy group Lollipop Andy Chang released a book recently, exposing the inside story of Lollipop's separation. Chang says he cannot forget that night when Owodog, Fabien, William and A-Wei question him "why Prince always stands in the middle?" and "why I'm popular but don't earn much?."

"At that moment, I understand they aren't the boys with simple thoughts anymore," he writes, "They really don't trust me anymore."

Chang believes the boys became popular too quickly. They only want to live in the world of applause, causing their values to change.

Although not their manager anymore, the former Channel V producer does wish them luck and will buy their albums to support. He stresses he is not trying to gain any fame from telling these stories, he just wants people to face this problem.

Debut in 2006, Lollipop has now broken into two: Lollipop F (Owodog, Fabien, William, and A-Wei) and JPM (Prince, LilJay, and Modi). Lollipop F restarted their career already, releasing music album and photo books. JPM signed Sony Music recently and would release an album soon.


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