Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainie Yang & Joseph Chang Leads of 'Fated to Love You' Spinoff

Source: NowNews, Liberty Times
By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang are confirmed to be the leads of the spinoff of "Fated to Love You"---<醉後決定愛上你>! [rough translation: Decide to Love You After Drunken]

Recent idol dramas have not been doing well in terms of ratings compared to the past when average ratings were between 2s and 4s. In 2008, a low-profile idol drama called "Fated to Love You" made a history in Taiwanese idol dramas, getting ratings as high as 14 points once. A sequel/spin off of this drama was discussed last year in hopes to bring back good ratings and the crew wanted original leads from the drama, Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen, to star as a couple again.

However, perhaps due to schedule conflict, new leads were cast and it is officially going to be Rainie and Joseph. It is Rainie's first drama after she crowned Golden Bell's Best Actress last year. As for Joseph, he appears less in idol drama in recent years and focuses in the film industry. The crew hopes it would be a fresh pair to the audience.

Recently got a new hair duo, Rainie attended to a press conference of the drama yesterday and draw with a Taiwanese artist. Since the original drama has some hot bed scenes, the same thing is expected in this spin off. The actress hinted the level of bed scenes in this drama: "Triangle means movements on our scripts, and there is a page that is full of triangles! The only word on the page is 'explore'!"

Outsiders have thought this new drama would be the sequel of "Fated," but in fact it has a brand new plot. They even cooperate with artists from Taiwan's cultural and creative industry, making this idol drama more cultural and unique.


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