Saturday, February 26, 2011

Selina Jen’s legs are ‘completely destroyed’

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Taiwanese singer Selina Jen's fiancé Richard Chang broke his silence for the first time since the on-set accident that left Selina severely burnt.

He recently appeared on the talk show Shen Chun Hua Life Show. During the interview, he broke down many times.

Richard spoke about the time when he first learnt about Selina's accident.

"[The production crew] carelessly lit the fire when they were filming the explosion scene. There was no water on set, no body double, no rehearsals [done beforehand] and no firemen [around]. Selina was very scared, but she didn't dare say," he recalled.

Richard choked and sobbed when he spoke about Selina's severely burnt legs, due to delayed treatment. He revealed that apart from Selina's feet and toes, "all other parts of her legs are completely destroyed".

Richard expressed that after the accident, Selina did not blame the production crew. Instead, the singer blamed herself for not telling anyone her fears and for running too slowly.

However, Richard felt that Selina did no wrong. He revealed that he had already acquired 80 per cent of evidence required to fight his case and swore to see justice done to his fiancée.


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