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Aaron Kwok Reveals That He Is Already Married, Has a Child

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Will Aaron Kwok FuSing and rumored girlfriend Lynn Hung DaiLum tie the knot in 2011? Everyone is waiting and dying to know. The other day, though, Aaron unexpectedly revealed that he is already married! He laughed and said, "I married my work long ago; my first child was my (self-written) song, 脈搏 [Mai Bo] [Pulse]."

Aaron is 45 years this year; he celebrated his last birthday with Lynn. Everyone is expecting the couple to walk down the aisle this year. A few days ago, Aaron was interviewed by CEN's 音樂起義/Music Revolution. When asked when he would marry and have children, Aaron maneuvered expertly around the question and said only that he had married his work long ago and currently had no plans to walk down the aisle.

Admits That Singing is Terrible; Thanks Fans For Their Support

Aaron has been in the business for 20 years already; last year, he released a commemorative album. He admitted frankly that he had become a singer mainly because the market was, at the time, fairly empty: "I'm not someone who was born to be a singer. I also wasn't born wanting to be a singer. Instead, I've had to work on it a lot to improve my own singing and singing techniques. He laughed and said, "It's amazing-- my singing is terrible, and yet my fans still support me!"(1)

To commemorate his 20 years in the industry, Aaron tried his hand at writing for the first time; the end result was 脈搏 [Mai Bo] [Pulse]. The song was very well-received by fans, a fact which has strengthened Aaron's passion and determination. He hopes that he will be able to write more songs in the future. When the host of the program asked him which song, over these 20 years, had made the deepest impression on him, Aaron laughed and said, "That would definitely have to be 對你愛不完 [Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan] [Endless Love For You]. If it wasn't for this song, there would be no 'Aaron Kwok.'(2) This song has grown with me!"

(1) Here, Aaron doesn't mean to belittle his fans in any way. It may sound that way in English-- or come across that way to anyone who wasn't brought up in a very traditional Chinese way, but actually, this is pretty standard: being very humble, even self-deprecating. Aaron's statement is actually more one of awe and gratefulness and graciousness.

(2) This song is easily Aaron's most famous song. It established him as a singer and made him widely popular-- even though it was in Mandarin Chinese (as opposed to Cantonese).


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