Sunday, March 06, 2011

"The Next Arron Yan" - Madly Releases Solo Album

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Fahrenheit member Arron Yan is following the model of his senior Hebe from S.H.E, releasing his debut solo album "The Next Arron Yan", never thought the album's content was leaked early, the record company urgently reported it, and has changed the album cover.

HIM stressed: "Fahrenheit is going solo but not disbanding, there will definitely be a group album." Arron's solo piece is originally set for the 11th to start pre-order, but the cover of a confidential files and data is posted on the internet last night, the record company investigated the major websites and confirmed the preview pictures and album has been exposed, and has requested the printing company to immediately report it to the police to investigate the computer and who spread the information.

Arron's mini album has 5 ballads and 1 piano instrumental. He said this performance piece "The Truth That You Leave" has given him the most stress, performing live is completely different from recording in a studio, to have a professional standard, he specially went for intensive piano lessons before the recording, "Everyday before the recording he dreamt of the black and white keys chasing him." He also also did a re-interpretation of Karen Mok's "Suddenly".

Arron's image is left in the hands for Chen Sun Hua; with a strong vision based fire red hair and streaked dark red, and he joked: "clothes matches with the hair, there is a feeling of unrestrained, showing a more impulsive side of internal feelings. "He also used the movie" Black Swan" as example," Natalie Portman's role is much like a projection of my personality, there's a gentle, but also the fierce wild face, the new album is to show different aspects of Aaron."


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