Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cyndi Wang diagnosed with cellulitis

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Some time ago, Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang noticed a tiny gash on her upper lip, but she brushed it off as nothing serious. The singer merely applied concealer on the wound and proceeded with her filming duties on the upcoming drama Go, Mei Le.

On Feb 25, Cyndi's manager realized that Cyndi's injury had worsened. The bottom-right side of her chin, nose and the area between her brows were swollen. Cyndi was sent to the hospital for a checkup immediately.

After a check, Cyndi was diagnosed Cyndi with cellulitis. It was triggered by the inflammation of the wound on Cyndi's upper lip. The disease was aggravated by fatigue and Cyndi's weak immunity.

The doctor recommended that Cyndi be hospitalize and treated with antibiotics immediately.

It is believed that Cyndi's wound is still swollen and painful. She has been put on a drip and a liquid diet and relies on her mother's chicken soup for nutrition.

To put her worried mother at ease, the filial daughter assured her that she "would be fine".

When asked if the wound would affect Cyndi's appearance, her manager commented: "[We] would only know after the wound has healed."

According to doctors, facial cellulitis may lead to meningitis and facial nerve disorders. In worse cases, it may even lead to tissue necrosis.


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