Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bae Yong-joon & Lee Na-young NOT Getting Married

As the rumors surrounding actor Bae Yong-joon and actress Lee Na-young getting married have been getting harder to ignore, both stars' entertainment agency have spoken up. And the verdict? The rumors are groundless.

Yang Geun-hwan, a representative of KEYEAST Entertainment, reported to Star News, "The wedding rumors are groundless. This rumor circled Korea a bit in the past, and now it seems to have reached Japan. However, it's just a rumor that got out of hand; no truth to it at all." According to the recent rumors, Bae and Lee were set to get married this April.

Bae had even addressed similar rumors directly, denying them vehemently, last year. He explained that it was strange that the rumors started in the first place, because Lee played Bae's younger sister in the drama that they acted in together, "Did We Really Love?".

KBS Global


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