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From Reel Life to Real Life: Mike He and Cyndi Wang Spotted at the Movies Together M

News Source: UDN,
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Just days after rumors involving Tian Xin and Weber Yang YiZhan surfaced, Mike He JunXiang and Cyndi Wang XinLing were spotted out watching a movie, No Strings Attached, together. The pair were caught by the paparazzi. Patrick Lee PeiXu and Tsai ShuZhen, who are currently filming SETTV's 犀利人妻/The Fierce Wife together, have also been caught high and dry together. The pair were spotted taking a single car back to Tsai ShuZhen's house. It seems that there are quite a number of "飯飯之交 Ambiguous Friends"(1) in the entertainment circle right now!

Cyndi's rumors with Lee Wei have just begun to die down; now, however, it seems that sparks are flying between her and Mike. Two days ago, the pair, along with two non-entertainment circle friends, went to a midnight movie screening at 京華城 The Living Mall. A paparrazzo spotted them together and even followed them to the underground parking lot. He watched as Cyndi and Mike got into her beloved Benz together to leave.

Mike and Cyndi are currently filming GTV drama 美樂。加油/MeiLe, Go! The pair often laugh and NG while filming kissing scenes; they blame it on their "lack of chemistry." However, if their private date at the movies is any indication, a spark began to grow between them long ago. When asked whether there was anything between him and Cyndi, Mike answered ambiguously. He laughed, "Aiyou, we're just good friends. It's hard to talk about what could happen in the future."

飯飯之交 No Strings Attached is a romantic comedy about a pair of good friends who become more-- indeed, they become friends with benefits. If a male and a female were to watch this together, they'd probably feel a little embarrassed!

Another potential couple, that of 犀利人妻/Fierce Wife co-stars Patrick Lee PeiXu and Tsai ShuZhen, has also recently come under suspicion. In addition to watching a movie together late at night, the pair were spotted heading together toward Tsai ShuZhen's residence. They did not emerge again until the middle of the night. Patrick, who has always been quite eloquent and well-spoken, was uncharacteristically tongue-tied when asked about his relationship with co-star (and fellow model) Tsai ShuZhen. Patrick was, at first speechless, then said only, "We're good friends."

Tsai ShuZhen, however, answered easily. She said directly, "We've known each other for more than ten years now. If there was really anything between us, we would have gotten together long before now!"

(1) This is a doozy. It's not a common phrase, but it's the Taiwanese Chinese title for the movie No Strings Attached, starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It might seem "better" to directly translate it, for purposes of this article, as "friends with benefits," but the Taiwanese are fairly conservative, and so my suspicion is that they mean this to be a "softer" insinuation: that these friends are ambiguously, suspiciously, possibly something more.


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