Thursday, August 18, 2011

Selina Jen counts down to her wedding

Her fiancee Richard Chang revealed that wedding is estimated to be 86 days away. According to the Taiwanese media, S.H.E. member Selina Jen's wedding date has yet to be decided.

Previously, it was rumoured that Selina and her fiancé Richard Chang would be announcing the date of their wedding on Aug 5. However, Richard revealed that Selina had not made her final decision, and that they would only announce the date next week.

Richard did let on that the big day is estimated to be 86 days away. This would mean that the wedding would either be on Oct 31 (Selina's birthday) or Nov 1 (Richard's birthday). The wedding is set to be held at the Sheraton Hotel.

The invitation card had been designed -- pink, simple with no wedding photos on it. The banquet, which was to have 90 tables initially, has now been increased 100 tables in total. Doctors, nurses and therapist from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital are all invited.

Selina would also be reshooting her wedding photos, because she looked different after her accident last October. The starlet was severely burnt after an on-set accident.

Richard revealed that the couple had decided not to celebrate the Chinese Valentines' Day and would not give any presents to each other, so as to avoid having to recall old memories.

"Selina's father did not specially celebrate his birthday a few days ago because he is worried that she might recall the happy memories from last year's celebration," the lawyer added.

Richard expressed that he had not lived a happy day since Selina was scarred by the fire. He had to stay strong for her and accompany her through her physiotherapy sessions.

"My emotions would affect her. The therapy sessions still have a long way to go," he said.



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