Saturday, August 27, 2011

Super Junior's Shindong admits to plastic surgery

SEOUL : Unlike most Korean stars, Shindong of popular boy band Super Junior isn't afraid to admit he has had some work done. In fact, the 25-year-old singer seemed thrilled with the results of his double eyelid surgery, writing about it on Twitter on Monday.

Responding to comments to an article titled 'Shindong, double eyelid surgery? Or diet effects? His changed face grabs attention', Shindong tweeted, "Such heated responses! Thank you everyone. Looks like I did the right thing!

"It's been a while [since he had gone under the knife], but thank you for showing so much interest. I'm hearing I look better on stage and funnier on variety shows, so I feel more motivated about my diet and it feels good!! Everyone, thank you!"

However before the double eyelid surgery, Shindong had another surgery on his mind.

The singer revealed on Korean talk show "Strong Heart" on Tuesday that he was a victim of yoyo dieting and had contemplated having liposuction.

He had even attended a liposuction consultation at a hospital but decided to embark on an intensive diet plan instead. He started a weight loss journal on social networking site me2day early this month to share his weight loss progress with his fans.

"I lost 33 pounds (13 kg) in three weeks," said Shindong on "Strong Heart".

"Even now, I eat one proper meal a day, and salad the rest of the time."

Last year, Shin Yong Ho, a popular Korean cosmetic surgeon, revealed that as many as 95 per cent of the country's celebrities have undergone procedures to enhance their looks at some point in their careers. And it seems more are coming clean about it.

In June, popular Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong admitted during an appearance on a Korean comedy talk show that he had undergone rhinoplasty when he injured his nose after he was hit by rock.

While seeking treatment, the "Boys Over Flowers" star took the opportunity to "raise it a little".

"49 Days" actress Nam Gyu Ri also confessed that she had underwent a few facial surgeries.


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